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Oklahoma City is the capital of Oklahoma and is known for its capital complex, cowboy culture, and working oil wells. If pests such as spiders, termites, rodents, or cockroaches have invaded your residential or commercial property, the professionals here at Thunder Pest Control are ready to help. We offer effective pest control treatments and prevention methods to identify and eliminate current pest threats and keep them away in the future. With over 50 years of combined pest control experience, you can depend on Thunder Pest Control to provide pest control okc solutions that get the job done right. Don’t wait, contact us today to ask about all of our residential and commercial pest control okc options. 

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Home Pest Control Oklahoma City Service

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Thunder Pest Control is a local, family-owned and operated pest control company that is committed to providing excellent pest control okc services with every visit. We care about protecting your Oklahoma City property from common pests such as spiders, insects, and rodents, which is why we offer a wide variety of effective pest control solutions. You can say goodbye to pest problems when you turn to the area’s pest control experts here at Thunder Pest Control. We’re ready to take care of all your pest control Oklahoma City needs, year-round. 

Commercial Exterminators Oklahoma City Business Owners Can Rely on

When pests invade your commercial facility, you can’t just pretend they don’t exist and hope they’ll go away. Not only are pests a threat to the success and reputation of your Oklahoma City business, but they’re also a threat to the health of anyone who enters your establishment. Pests can contaminate food, spread diseases, and destroy property. If you want to protect your property with an exterminators Oklahoma City prefer from the many pests that live in our area, professional commercial pest control services from Thunder Pest Control is your best bet. Our commercial pest control plans work to eliminate existing pest infestations and implement prevention methods that will ensure they stay away. Reach out to the technicians here at Thunder Pest Control to learn more about our commercial pest control plans. 

Are Spiders In Oklahoma City OK Dangerous?

Spiders are creepy-looking pests that no one wants to discover in their Oklahoma City property. These eight-legged pests have multiple eyes and are known for preying on a wide variety of nuisance insects. Spiders benefit the environment by keeping insect populations at a reasonable size, but that doesn’t mean you want to find spiders in or around your property! All spiders use their venomous bites to paralyze their insect prey, but only a few spiders have venom potent enough to pose a risk to humans. Here in Oklahoma City, the two species of dangerous spiders you need to watch out for are brown recluse spiders and black widow spiders. Most spider bites involve mild pain and swelling, but some of the symptoms associated with dangerous spider bites include:

  • Muscle pain or cramping
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Rashes
  • Joint pain
  • Fatigue
  • Sweating

Spiders would rather hide from you than bite you. Most spiders only bite when they feel threatened or provoked. If you suspect you’ve been bitten by a brown recluse or black widow spider, seek medical attention immediately. To remove spiders from your Oklahoma City home or business, get in touch with Thunder Pest Control today.

Learn To Identify Signs Of Termites In Oklahoma City OK

Pest infestations are a part of life. Unfortunately, some pests are capable of causing a lot of damage when they get into your home or business. Termites are known as the most destructive insects in the world and are responsible for billions of dollars worth of damage each year in the United States. Keeping termites away from your property is the best way to avoid the damage termites can cause. But what if termites have already managed to sneak inside? Invading pests often leave behind signs of their presence. And although termite activity can be much more difficult to spot than other pest infestations, it’s important to understand how to spot signs of termites in and around your Oklahoma City property.

Below are a few ways you can identify termite activity in your home or business: 

  • Winged termite swarmers flying around the exterior of your property
  • Discarded wings on your window sills, around your doors, and along the edge of your foundation
  • Squeaking, spongy, or bowing floorboards
  • Peeling or bubbling paint
  • Small tapping sounds within your walls
  • Hard-to-open windows and doors
  • Existing termite damage elsewhere on your property

If left undetected, termite infestations can cause damage that costs thousands of dollars to repair. Don’t wait for termites to cause extensive damage to the structure of your Oklahoma City home or business. Instead, turn to the technicians here at Thunder Pest Control for assistance with your termite problems