About thunder pest control

Our Story

We believe that the city you grow up in raises you much as a family does. As lifelong Oklahoma City residents, our family understands the importance of friendship, community, and kindness in everything we do. Our mission is to bring these values into our pest control process, keeping families and companies safe and educated, and improving the greater Oklahoma City community. We promise to protect your home or business at all costs – results guaranteed!

Why Choose Thunder Pest Control?

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The Thunder Pest Control family has been servicing OKC properties since 1995. As lifelong Oklahoma City residents, we’ve seen the power that a strong community has had in building this great city, and we’ve also seen how pests can threaten its safety. That’s why we’re committed to serving you.

Our family is proud to call Oklahoma City home, and with over 500,000 properties serviced since 1995, our technicians are ready to keep this city safe.

As part of our commitment to excellent service, we offer all of our clients the following:

  • Free inspections and estimates for all properties and pest control problems
  • Same-day and emergency pest services for when the unexpected happens
  • The care and commitment that comes from a local, family-owned business
  • One-of-a-kind service guarantee

If you’re dealing with a pest problem in your home or business, you need a strategic response that keeps pests out without hurting your family and property. As a family of pest experts ourselves, we know how to balance an aggressive response to pests with the care and compassion that a household deserves. Don’t let your exterminators cause unwanted damage in the process, and don’t make matters worse by treating the pests on your own; reach out to the experts at Thunder Pest Control, and let’s keep your family safe, together.

One-Of-A-Kind Service In Oklahoma City Since 1995

We believe in two things at Thunder Pest Control, LLC. First, we believe the bugs are only half the battle, and friendly customer service is essential to making our community stronger. Second, we believe a company should always refine its practices; otherwise, we risk losing their ability to help their customers. With a commitment to this philosophy, 50+ years of combined experience, and a friendly service guarantee, we’re committed to making Oklahoma City a safer, happier place.