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Reliable Pest Control Yukon OK Residents trust

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Yukon is a city in Canadian County and is a part of the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area. If pests such as spiders, ants, rodents, or cockroaches have gotten into your Yukon home or business, then it’s time to reach out to the local pest control experts here at Thunder Pest Control. With over 50 years of combined pest control Yukon ok experience, we are committed to finding the right solution for your specific pest problems. We’re constantly refining our pest control treatments and prevention methods to ensure you will always receive the most advanced, efficient, and effective pest control Yukon ok services available. Get in touch with Thunder Pest Control today to request your free estimate.

Every treatment your technician will treat the exterior of your home by de-webbing the eaves, removing mud dauber or wasp nests, treat yard with encapsulated granules, power spray yard targeting ants, spiders, roaches and beetles, complete a wall flush dust treatment and spray around the entire foundation of your home creating a solid defense perimeter. Inside, your expert will treat the garage and attic area as needed, treat under sinks and behind toilets, treat underneath appliances and lastly will treat entry points and all baseboards. We guarantee family and pet friendly products are used in every general pest treatment!

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Home Yukon Pest Control

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Thunder Pest Control is deeply committed to the communities we serve. As a local, family-owned and operated pest control provider, we understand the importance of keeping your Yukon home and family protected from harm. Our home pest control services are designed to identify, eliminate, and prevent pest problems of all shapes and sizes. At Thunder Pest Control, we work hard to put an end to pest infestations so that you can focus on the needs of your family. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information about our specific residential pest control Yukon ok options.

Commercial Exterminator Yukon Ok Business Owners Trust

Owning a business can come with many benefits as well as hardships. Unfortunately, pest infestations are one of those hardships. Pests can spread disease, contaminate food, destroy your inventory, and disturb your employees. The best way to prevent pests from damaging your reputation and scaring your customers away is to put into place an effective commercial pest control plan from Thunder Pest Control. Our licensed Yukon pest control technicians have what it takes to offer top-of-the-line commercial pest control services with every visit. Give us a call today to ask about how we can protect your Yukon business from the area’s most common pests.

Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Yukon OK Property

If there’s one thing about warm weather that you could get rid of, what would it be? Although there are many enjoyable aspects of spring and summer, many people would agree that these seasons would provide much more enjoyment if mosquitoes weren’t around to cause problems. Mosquitoes are small, annoying insects that can ruin outdoor events, fly around your face, and leave bite marks scattered across your skin. Unfortunately, being irritating is not the only problem that mosquitoes cause. Mosquitoes can carry and transmit a wide range of dangerous diseases, including West Nile virus, chikungunya, malaria, yellow fever, and more. Each year, more than 700 million people get mosquito-borne diseases and out of those individuals, 1 million cases are fatal. Although deaths due to mosquito-borne illnesses are less common within the United States, it’s still important to minimize your mosquito exposure. To avoid attracting mosquitoes to your Yukon property, implement a few of the following mosquito prevention tips:

  • Mow your lawn frequently to keep your grass short.
  • Cut weeds, shrubs, hedges, and other vegetation away from your exterior walls.
  • Remove sources of still or standing water.
  • Clear leaves, sticks, and other organic materials out of your gutters to ensure water is being drained.
  • Dump out flower pots, cans, buckets, kiddie pools, toys, and other items that could collect rainwater.
  • Seek professional help for your mosquito problems.

Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying—they’re dangerous. Reduce mosquito populations around your Yukon home or business by getting in touch with the Yukon pest control technicians here at Thunder Pest Control today. Learn more about our mosquito control and prevention services.

5 Facts About Termites In Yukon OK

Whenever you find yourself experiencing a pest infestation, it’s always best to understand the pest in question. Termite infestations are not an exception to that rule. Below are five facts about termites and Yukon pest control that everyone in Yukon should know.

  • The most common termite species that damage Yukon properties are the eastern subterranean termite. These termites create massive underground nests that can contain millions of individual termites.
  • Termite colonies are divided into three castes: workers, reproductive, and soldiers. Worker termites gather food and build the nests for their colonies. Reproductive termites establish new colonies and lay eggs. And soldier termites are responsible for protecting their colonies from potential threats.
  • Termites are attracted to moisture. One of the best things you can do to avoid attracting termites to your Yukon property is finding sources of excess moisture and removing them.
  • Termites can invade and cause damage for several years without being detected. The amount of damage termites cause is tied to how large their colony is and how long it takes for you to notice their presence.
  • Termites never stop working. These busy insects don’t stop to sleep or take time for themselves. Instead, they are active year-round day and night in order to feed, build, and protect their colonies.

Don’t allow termites to take over your Yukon home or business. Instead, reach out to the technicians here at Thunder Pest Control for comprehensive pest control Yukon ok solutions to your termite problems. We’re ready to assist you with all of your pest control needs.