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Reliable Pest Control Midwest City Ok Residents Trust

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Situated deep in the heart of Oklahoma, a state many believe to exist just outside the boundaries of America’s Midwest region, there lies a city that exemplifies the rustic spirit of the Midwestern sector of the United States.

Brandished as Midwest City for totally unrelated reasons, it shares another feature with the pastoral Midwest – a seemingly immeasurable number of insectoid pests. Thankfully, the proud Midwesterners at Thunder Pest Control live to protect their human neighbors from pesky bugs.

Every treatment your technician will treat the exterior of your home by de-webbing the eaves, removing mud dauber or wasp nests, treat yard with encapsulated granules, power spray yard targeting ants, spiders, roaches and beetles, complete a wall flush dust treatment and spray around the entire foundation of your home creating a solid defense perimeter. Inside, your expert will treat the garage and attic area as needed, treat under sinks and behind toilets, treat underneath appliances and lastly will treat entry points and all baseboards. We guarantee family and pet friendly products are used in every general pest treatment!

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Residential Midwest City Pest Control

exterminators oklahoma city

Not unlike Midwest City itself, we at Thunder Pest Control understand and seek to always uphold the values imbued in the spirit of the Midwest. Firstly, hard work: when it comes to ridding our clients of unwanted intruders, there are absolutely no cut corners. Secondly, there’s perseverance.

The pest problems we face may sometimes seem overwhelming, but never beyond the capabilities of our extremely talented employees. Thirdly, the power of family! Here at Thunder Pest Control, we know the power of family. As a family-owned and operated pest control company, we are dedicated to helping you and your family with any and all of your pest control needs. 

With these tenets in mind, trust Thunder Pest Control to help rid your Midwest City home of pests next time they dare to rear their ugly heads. Through our bi-monthly or quarterly residential pest control plans, our pest control experts can be there for you on a recurring basis, with thoroughly conducted inspections, ongoing exterior maintenance, and unlimited re-treatments. Reach out to the experts today at Thunder Pest Control to schedule your inspection today. 

Commercial Exterminator Midwest City OK

Big or small, fast-paced, or slow, whatever your business may, Thunder Pest Control can be your guide to a pest-free commercial property. We serve a wide array of businesses, from office complexes to apartment complexes, high schools to daycares, lawyers’ offices to dentists’ offices, and everything in between. We are a family business, and that goes for more than just our employees. Count on us for your pest management needs, and your business will become a part of our family too.

We’ve been serving companies like yours for over fifty years, and we will work with you and your schedule to eliminate pest problems where they start and keep them away for good. Our experts provide comprehensive service and support, ongoing treatments, in-depth monthly follow-ups, and more. You can trust the professionals at Thunder Pest Control to communicate with you about your pest control treatments every step of the way. Reach out to us today for all of your Midwest City commercial pest control needs. 

Guide To Minimizing Mosquitoes In Midwest City OK

Nothing ruins a peaceful trip outside or relaxing stroll through the garden like the buzzing of bloodsucking pests. Mosquitoes may seem so commonplace you can’t do much more than swat them away, but like any pest, they can be managed and controlled. Don’t believe us? Here are some basic preventative measures you can take to minimizing the mosquitoes around your Midwest City property:

  • Cover up when possible! Mosquitoes will bite any exposed flesh, so if they don’t have a viable option, they may just have to look elsewhere.
  • Darker shades stand out more to pests like mosquitoes, so when outside, try wearing lighter colors.
  • Keep any nearby sources of water regularly drained. This goes for pools, drainage pipes, and even fountains.
  • The mosquito’s most active hours for feeding are typically around dusk and dawn, so avoid going outdoors during these times if possible.
  • Use stenches that deter mosquitoes such as a natural repellent or a CDC approved insecticide. Lavender, peppermint, rosemary, and over-the-counter insecticides containing DEET are truly abhorrent to the insects.
  • Mosquitoes love light too! Seek out special lightbulbs that emit a glow insects find less appealing and replace your outdoor bulbs.

Are you tired of mosquitoes feasting on you, your family, and your friends? With the power of Thunder Pest Control on your side, you don’t have to worry about the growing mosquito population in your backyard – our specially designed mosquito treatments and advanced prevention strategies will strike down these bloodsuckers where they stand.

Do You Know That Termite Damage In Midwest City, OK Is Not Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

Yes, you read the header correctly. The damage caused by an infestation of woodworms in Midwest City won’t be covered by your insurance provider under your homeowner’s policy. This might sound a bit ridiculous, but unfortunately, it’s true.

Despite their diminutive stature, termites can be one of the most destructive species in the animal kingdom. It may take years for the results of their ravenous appetites to shine through onto a man-made structure, but when it does, it might already be too late. 

A colony’s collection of termite workers often chew their way through the insides of load-bearing pillars or even through the foundation of a house itself. The holes they bore can invite water damage into the walls, which thirsty termites enjoy much more than dry wood, therefore worsening the state of the home. Without the full support they need, floors and ceilings can swell and buckle, and walls can crack or blister. If left unchecked, property damage may be so great, the building would be no longer structurally sustainable and must be demolished.

It is vital to the safety of your home and the stability of your wallet that you eliminate any potential or existent termite problem as quickly as possible. Whatever the state of your Midwest City property, contact the pest management professionals at Thunder Pest Control right away to protect your home or business.