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When you combine decades of shared expertise with the love of a family-owned business, you get the pest experts at Thunder Pest Control, LLC. We’ve been treating homes with state of the art treatment plans in Lawton & the Oklahoma City metro since 1995, and as lifelong Oklahoma residents, we’re familiar with all the pests around town. We strive to take care of our neighbors and community. Between our family-friendly 100% service guarantee, our certified OKC pest control and Lawton pest control technicians, and our commitment to continuous improvement, the Thunder Pest Control family is ready to service your home or business in the Lawton and Oklahoma City Metro’s.

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Are you troubled by the constant pest presence inside your home? Do you need the best pest control OKC has to offer? Thunder Pest Control brings 50 years of combined pest control experience and an expert team to help you combat any menacing pests issues you might be facing. Protecting your home and family is important to us. You need our qualified exterminators who will ensure that these intruders stay out of your space. Our team has first-hand experience in dealing with all pests common to Oklahoma. We use modern tools that are safe for your family and pets because we understand there is no single approach when it comes to tackling pest issues in the city. That’s why Thunder has the top exterminators OKC homeowners swear by.  Let us do an early inspection to evaluate the problem for your home. After that, we formulate a customized treatment plan that is unique to your home or business..

It can be annoying to discover a pest issue, especially when you have worked hard in cleaning your home. It’s actually a common misconception that pests don’t inhabit your home because it is clean. We are a family-owned and operated pest control company. You will know our team, and we’ll know you by name. These relations come in handy when it comes to removing pests quickly from your home. We leave no stone unturned in ridding your home of bugs, termites, cockroaches, rodents, and other pesky intruders.

We are the Top Company for Pest Control Oklahoma City Residents Can Trust In!

We do more than residential pest control as our services extend to commercial properties too, which helps to keep your business buildings and office spaces free from intruders. When you book the best pest control OKC has to offer, you will be worry-free knowing we care about pest infestation remedies and we aim to provide the best for our clients. We offer a variety of commercial pest control services that are specific to your business needs. Whether it’s bed bugs in hotels, cockroaches in the restaurant, or mosquitoes inside your office, we do it all. 

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Our commercial pest control Oklahoma City OK business owners rely on, offers exclusive guarantees ensuring a pest free environment.

In addition, we use the safest products inside your home. Our exterminators OKC homeowners love to offer comprehensive solutions that give your home or business the total protection it needs. Our pest control solutions are right for you because we:

🪰 Address the pest problem at the source
📋 Prepare a holistic plan
🎯 Guarantee results with our subscription service
🪲 Bi-monthly pest control (re-treats at no extra costs)
🗓️ Customized plans for home and office
🛡️ 12-month exclusive warranty
🚀 Fastest service and supreme quality
💪 Flexible schedules

Our customers love us because we take care of them, and that’s why we receive 5-star ratings for our prolific pest control Oklahoma City OK residents trust in. Pick up the phone or click the number on your screen and reach out to our friendly office staff today for all the answers.

Our Top Tier Exterminators Oklahoma City Residents Trust Remove Insects with Ease

Thunder Pest Control offers expert pest control services, designed to eliminate and prevent pests from taking over your property. We use integrated pest management and other newfound techniques for controlling pest activities around your home. Our pest control service takes all the necessary precautions to protect your kids and pets.

It is not uncommon for an odd bug or a mouse to scurry past your kitchen, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. When left unchecked, these pests can spread rapidly, posing health risks to your family. You should immediately contact the exterminator OKC residents rely on, when you notice these signs before a costly infestation occurs:

  •   Pest droppings inside your home or business
  •   Scratching sounds on walls
  •   Your pets are scratching more frequently
  •   Hollow sounds from wooden structures
  •   Excess dirt and biting marks on furniture, cables, and other items

A pest-free home gives you greater peace of mind. We have customized home treatment plans for combating the most common household invaders that include:

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Our customized home treatment program comes with a bi-monthly maintenance plan that will take care of everything. Our exclusive 1-year subscription program offers great discounts to residential or commercial owners.

At Thunder Pest Control, we know every home is different. That’s why the pest control OKC residents highly recommend, is our personalized programs. We provide the most comprehensive, reliable, and courteous pest control service. Our team responds quickly after you call us and we will address your concerns effectively. That’s why we enjoy unprecedented popularity among businesses and residents in the area. We have also received several accolades for our efforts.

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Consult Our Experts for Exclusive OKC Pest Control Offers!

When you contact our pest control team, we not only remove the pests, but also explain how they entered your home. It is crucial to understand why pests are infiltrating your home in order to focus on prevention methods. Check out these five common ways by which pests find their way inside your home.

  •  When your doors are not properly sealed, it is easy for bugs to find their way inside your home. Even the smallest crack is an invitation for an infestation.
  •   Do you have an overgrown backyard? That’s possibly bringing you dismay because insects and rodents breed within tall grass and    eventually find their way into your home.
  •   Cracks in the foundation, walls, and other house perimeters are some of the main ways pests enter your homes.
  •   Please don’t leave large openings like chimneys unattended. Contact our professional services for pest management that residents trust in, and we will seal it for you.
  •   Leftover foods and clutter inside your home are some of the best invitations for pests. 

We regularly train every Thunder exterminator OKC has on staff so that they can deliver the best services to you. With over 50 years of pest control experience, we know how to fix what’s bugging you. If you want an immediate solution, then pick up the phone and connect with our team of top-tier pest exterminators today.

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Our exterminators Oklahoma City residents call on, can make your life more comfortable by eliminating pests from your home. Oklahoma’s weather is great for enjoying the outdoors, but it also brings a plethora of troubling guests like spiders, ants, fleas, ticks, roaches, mosquitoes and other bugs. Have you tried DIY remedies recently and failed? It’s not your fault at all because pest prevention requires a hawk’s eye and knowledge about certain bugs. That’s why we bring expertise, knowledge, skills, and modern equipment for combating pests inside your property. Connect with us and let our pros take charge of your home.

We are a local Oklahoma City pest control company operating in the region for around twenty years. Our team delivers exceptional results each time you contact our team. Did you know that pest presence lowers the value of your home? So, pest elimination will push the value of your property and bring in lots of other benefits. When you need trusted professionals for your home or business, choose Thunder Pest Control. We are fast, accurate, and reliable, that’s why we are the #1 choice for pest control in Oklahoma. In addition, we take pride in treating each client with respect and value for their home. Our team understands the stress you are going through, and we are committed to making your life simpler.

Nobody likes to share space with pests, but whether you have a seasonal pest problem or something that affects your life daily, we have the solution. Some of our top-notch pest control services include:

✅ Residential pest control
✅ Commercial pest control
✅ Emergency pest control
✅ Specialized treatment plans
✅ Flexible schedules
✅ Customized plans for homes and business
✅ Indoor and outdoor pest control

Our pest control plans benefit homeowners and business managers in several ways, such as

✅ It reduces your health risks
✅ Our plans cover most pests common to Oklahoma
✅ Reduces allergies and itching
✅ Promotes better sleep
✅ Ensures the safety of your facility
✅ Delivers efficient solutions
✅ You will learn more about pest management
✅ Receive advice from our professionals

We are the Best Exterminators OKC has to Offer!

We hire only the best exterminators so that you receive the most efficient solutions. Therefore, we regularly train our employees to deliver fast and accurate services. All our products are genuine and come with a 100% guarantee. We know protecting your home from pests can be challenging, but with our tailored solutions, we achieve the impossible- keeping your home pest-free for years to come.

We offer a variety of pest control services for mosquitoes, termitesbed bugs and we are fully bonded and licensed. As a leader in pest management, our team is well-versed with local conditions which helps us to understand the world of pests better than anybody else. The pest community in Oklahoma is large, and that’s why you need to hire a professional company that covers it extensively. Thankfully, Thunder Pest Control has your back. Our specialists will note every detail and schedule an inspection to understand the conditions unique to your home. 

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Our exclusive Oklahoma City pest control team is ready to brace any pest challenges inside your home.  So, are you ready to hand over your stress to us? Are you looking for permanent ways to eliminate pests from your home? Do you want the fastest solutions for your home or business? Don’t waste any more time and contact our reliable exterminators.  We provide the best treatment options against bugs, mice, roaches, termites, mosquitoes, ants, and much more. Reach out to our team today for immediate solutions. Pest invasions can cost you thousands of dollars, and many species of pests pose substantial health risks. While many of you might have tried to eliminate pests on your own, the results might have been unsatisfactory because you can’t supplement the experience of professional pest exterminators. At Thunder Pest Control, we believe in a sophisticated approach to pest management. You should consider your options wisely when looking to hire the best exterminators OKC has to offer. 

Harsh chemicals could be dangerous for kids and pets inside your home, and that’s why we make it a point to avoid it altogether. Of course you would need chemicals to eliminate pests permanently, but we use it discreetly and ensure it is considered safe for your family. Moreover, you can also contact our team to ask necessary questions and we will be happy to help.

 Our services are designed to accommodate both residential and commercial clients quickly and efficiently. Our personalized protective approach acts as a guide for technicians. When you call us, we will head over to your home and perform a thorough inspection. Every pest issue is complex and requires a personalized approach. That’s why we vary our treatment plan based on your individual needs. You can learn more by visiting our blog.

The Most Effective Pest Solutions In Oklahoma City

Thunder Pest Control is dedicated to keeping our customers pest free year after year. We are so confident that our Bi-Monthly treatments will keep you pest free year around, we back it up with a 100% service guarantee. Click the call button and find out why so many residents choose us for preventive pest control. 

We are Always Ready to Offer the Best OKC Pest Control Services!

We offer special plans for our commercial clients, which comes with our service guarantee and extended warranty options. Whether you own a hotel, factory, or grocery store, you can connect with us if you are having trouble with pests. In addition, our technicians work discreetly, which causes almost no disturbance to your work atmosphere. The negative publicity of a pest problem can rock your business flow, therefore, we want to help you by addressing the problem quickly to save your reputation in the area.

Our customized pest control services meet all the requirements of commercial owners click here to learn more. Plus, our pest exterminators undergo regular training and keep themselves updated on the latest changes in pest control laws. After all, we stand firmly behind our clients to provide uncompromising quality and 100% pest removal solutions. Our staff takes pride in what they do because they are passionate about solving your pest riddles. At Thunder Pest Control, we answer your calls immediately and provide friendly service from day one. We also realize the importance of professionalism, innovation, training, and reliability. If you are not sure which pests are bothering you in Oklahoma, please read our guide to know more. Our team is ready to unwrap the pest puzzle, so get in touch with us quickly. Dial the number on your screen and contact us today for the best OKC pest control services.