Essential Pest Control OKC Business Owners Know and Trust!

We provide commercial pest control OKC business owners rely on, which is vital as it emphasizes providing a holistic treatment against pesky intruders. We have the professional expertise, knowledge, and techniques needed to deal with any level of infestation inside your business premises. Pest issues lead to a negative outlook about your brand and impact the bottom lines, plus pests can cause health issues among your workers. In order to protect your business reputation and the health of your employees, you must contact our top-line pest controllers for effective pest management. Any commercial or residential pest control goal remains the same – eliminating creepy crawlies out of your premises. There are some basic differences between residential and commercial pest control methods. 

For starters, commercial pest control covers a wide area of operation, and exterminators need to act fast to remove pest issues from businesses. Our services are quick and efficient, and work within the deadline. That’s why we enjoy the confidence of our commercial clients within the region. At Thunder Pest Control, we are aware of the challenges faced by our business friends in the area. That’s the reason why our commercial pest control Oklahoma City business owners trust, is a customized plan that covers large industries, medium enterprises, and small businesses. In Oklahoma, pests infiltrate commercial premises in several ways. Besides, the most common pests, you will find in the area include:

Our services for commercial clients differ completely from residential ones. We provide efficient pest management to the following sectors:

  •   Retail Stores

Our best pest control OKC has to offer business owners, services retail businesses across the region through a proactive and protective approach. Depending on the size and setup of your store, you will have frequent issues with birds, mosquitoes, rats, and other pests. They can destroy your merchandise, threaten your customers, and tarnish your reputation. We offer specialized pest control Oklahoma City people swear by, to keep the intruders out of your store.

  •   Restaurants 

Your customers will expect the best from your restaurant in terms of hygiene and food. A single mouse can contaminate your food, and a cockroach presence can force your customers to stay out of your establishment. Not all pest options are approved for use in restaurants. Therefore, our exterminators are well-versed with restaurant pest control and use non-toxic products that drive off the pests, not your customers.

  •   Hospital Pest Control

Bed bugs are the most destructive pests for any medical facility. For that reason, we provide the best pest control services hospitals and medical facilities depend on. Like the food industry, you will need to be careful about your products in hospitals. We are experienced in handling pest control for any medical facility and use approved chemicals for this purpose.

In addition, we also service educational institutions, modern offices, and care homes. Contact our team today for best pest control OKC has to offer! Plus, there are no hidden contracts, and every deal is transparent from day one. When you hire our commercial pest professionals, you will receive:

  •   Experience and professional attitude
  •   Licensed and bonded service
  •   Personalized approach
  •   12-months exclusive warranty
  •   No contracts
  •   No hidden surprises
  •   Assured quality and on-time delivery

Skilled Exterminators Oklahoma City Business Owners Rely On

Are you having issues with pests inside your office? Our exterminators Oklahoma City people trust, can be your safest bet because we serve hospitals, restaurants, condos, grocery stores, and other business facilities. Whether you are dealing with rodents, bugs, or termites, we are here to help. At Thunder Pest Control, we have been treating pests for over twenty years throughout the region. Our pest technicians are trained, licensed, and fully bonded to carry out any pest control for commercial facilities. Our goal is to keep pests away from your business at all costs. Speak to our representative and get a quote over the phone today.

We understand your business is unique, and that’s why our exclusive Oklahoma City pest control company offers personalized solutions for pest management. Our technicians will perform a detailed inspection, as well as year-round pest control plans to ensure you are completely taken care of. Some of our pest control solutions include:

  •   Fumigation

Our fumigation services are tailored to meet any business necessity. We use our experience and modern equipment to evict pests from your office safely.

  •   Bed Bug Detection

Detecting bed bugs is hard for commercial premises’, but our exterminators Oklahoma City business owners respect, use powerful equipment to detect bugs inside your office.

  •   Bed Bug Heat Treatment

We also use heat treatments to kill bed bugs. Our offer includes modifications, nest and roost removal, and decontamination techniques.

Our exclusive Oklahoma City pest control company has programs for mosquito abatement as well. 

Why Does Your Business Need Pest Control Oklahoma City Business Owners Trust?

When you’re focusing on increasing your bottom line, bringing in new clients, or making amazing food, you’re not thinking about the threat of rats beneath the floorboards, or roaches in the pantry. When you work with Thunder Pest Control, we do the thinking for you.

A pest infestation can seriously hurt the success of your company and the health of your employees, turning customers away while exposing everyone to harmful diseases. With half a million homes and businesses under our belt, the pest control experts at Thunder Pest Control know how to take care of our area’s toughest pests, so you can take care of your company. 

Our Commercial OKC Pest Control Process

We start with a thorough examination of your company to check for underlying pest damage, potential entry points, pest attractants and hotspots, and the extent of your infestation. Once you’ve given us your permission to investigate and treat whatever we find, we go to work clearing your place of pests, using minimally invasive techniques that won’t disrupt your workflow or customer service. After we’ve kicked your pests out, we lay any traps and monitors necessary to keep them away, and we schedule regular Exterminators  follow-up visits to maintain your pest-free business.

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As lifelong Oklahomans, we consider your company a part of our community, so we’re proud to offer the following:

  • Ongoing pest maintenance, including exterior de-webbing and power washing
  • Same-day pest services and emergency pest control  
  • Treatment of areas, both public and private, including bathrooms, common areas, and employee kitchens
  • Our one-of-a-kind service guarantee

When you partner with Thunder Pest Control, you get the same level of care that you offer your customers. No pest problem is too hard for us to tackle, and with over 50 years of combined experience under our belt, you’ll never have to worry about pests again.

Facilities We Service


With so many people living in a shared space, pests are bound to happen. Apartment complexes and their respective managers know that pests are inevitable, and we do too. That’s why our pest control services cover all the insects and rodents that are commonly found in lofts, studios, and apartments, ensuring that you keep your tenants safe.

Lawyers Offices

Legal services require a lot of planning and consideration, and your clients often come to you to secure a place where they can take on emotionally charged legal situations. By removing the distraction and health threats of pests, we help you get back to helping your clients navigate the legal system.


Kids love bugs, but mommies and daddies don’t. Oklahoma’s youngest generation deserves great care and protection, but insects and rodents are far too common in daycares, threatening the health of our kids. As a family-owned business, we’re proud to keep the kids in our community safe, kicking pests out of daycares and other child care facilities.


Is that cockroach part of the PowerPoint presentation? An infestation can cause serious health problems to your employees, discouraging the work and collaboration that creates a successful company. We investigate every crack and crevice of your office space to stop pests from harming your workers and restore order to the workplace.

Dentists Offices

Many people don’t like going to the dentist, but if they see a rat in the waiting room, they’ll never come back. Your patients rely on you to keep them in excellent health, so we remove any pests and what attracts them from your office, ensuring that your patients leave with clean, disease and pest-free pearly whites and a great smile and wanting to return.


Ants aren’t on the exam, so why are they crawling all over the test? Whether you’re in charge of an elementary school or a college, you commit to the health of your students. Pests are both a threat and a distraction to their studies. Let us handle your pest control needs, so you can get back to educating the next generation of Oklahoma residents.

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