We Provide an Essential Termite Inspection OKC Residents Swear By

Are you sensing a termite infestation inside your home? Do you want to protect your foundation? If so, then schedule an immediate termite inspection OKC residents swear by, with our specialists today. Termite infestation is usually not apparent at first until homeowners note severe damages. Termites live in the dark and love the moisture found inside your homes. As termites devour through the wood from the inside, it can be challenging to detect an infestation, but some signs indicate their presence. These signs are:

  •   Subterranean termites build shelter tubes from mud, dirt, and debris. If you notice coin-sized tubes on the exterior and interior walls, there might be a termite infestation.
  •   The presence of discarded termite wings is usually the first sign of infestation. You will find them on window sills and floors.
  •   Termites usually consume wood from the inside out. So, when you tap on an area with termite damage, you will notice a hollow sound coming out.
  •   Termite infestation makes it harder to open or close doors and windows.
  •   Dry wood termites leave behind droppings that you will find beneath the infested wood.
  •   Termites can damage laminate floors and even boards. You can also check whether your floor feels spongy and springs more than usual.

Our reliable termite OKC-based inspectors will do a full assessment and detect potential infestations. You can also choose our popular 1-year termite protection plan that offers the best coverage because it will save you from serious damages and costly repairs. Although you will find plenty of DIY termite remedies, none of these offer permanent solutions. Termites are difficult to eliminate, and the best way is to control their presence and prevent them from coming back. Our termite inspection OKC residents trust, follows established guidelines and protocols since they are much more intensive than normal inspections. We will look for any old damage and devise ways to prevent future attacks. In addition, our inspection gives you the following benefits:

  •   Comprehensive termite detection
  •   Latest termite detection technology
  •   Detailed reports
  •   Regular monitoring
  •   Guidance and advice
  •   Trained and experienced termite specialists
  •   Affordable and friendly service

We use termite monitoring systems that contain an organic attractant, and refresh the baiting stations every day that quickly attracts and kills termites. Through the continuous process of monitoring, our reliable termite OKC-based technicians ensure year-round protection of your property. Our team also uses chemical soil treatment that creates termite barriers and prevents them from coming back. In addition, we will close any gaps or cracks in the building and ensure they are forced to retreat. Our termite specialists are experienced in carrying out any inspection around your property. 

When you connect with us, you will receive a prompt appointment schedule and speedy treatment plan for your problems. That’s why we have a tremendous popularity among homeowners in the area. Please reach out to our exclusive Oklahoma termite specialist if you are having recurring issues with termites. We have the power and speed to devise the most effective treatment plans against all kinds of termite colonies.

The Best Oklahoma Termites Solutions Are Provided By Thunder Pest Control

Unlike other household pests, termites can cause extensive damage to your property. Most termite damages aren’t covered under your homeowner’s insurance which escalates your problems. Our treatment process for native Oklahoma termites involves a comprehensive process that includes inspection, detection, identification, elimination and lastly, prevention. The termites Oklahoma City residents deal with are taken care of by our inspectors who are experienced in handling any type of termite infestation. In addition, we train our employees regularly and keep them updated on any new developments. That’s why they can deliver 100% guaranteed results each time you contact them.

Our termite services include:

  •   A complete inspection of your home, crawl space, and attics
  •   Using safe, non-toxic chemicals, bait stations, and other items for termite treatment
  •   Using preventative measures like chemical barriers to stop termites from coming back

Our aggressive treatment methods make us the number one Oklahoma termite specialist that residents always turn to. We also have extensive knowledge on the subject and hire only the best experts in the field. In addition, we use the best products available in the market to clear termites from your property. Once we have cleaned your home from termites, our next goal is to prevent the termites Oklahoma City residents deal with, from coming back inside your home or office. That’s why we treat your home with preventative treatments and conduct bi-weekly and annual inspections. This process prevents termites from re-establishing colonies and gives you 100% satisfaction. If you have any degree of a termite infestation, please contact our inspector today to learn more about our exclusive Oklahoma termites treatment process. 

Complete Protection From Termites With Our Superior Pest Control Oklahoma City Service.

Termites are some of the costliest pests in the world. Each year, homeowners incur billions of dollars in damages from termite infestations, as these hungry insects love to feast on the wooden structures in your home. Termites Oklahoma City cause weakened foundations, sagging ceilings, decaying walls, and creaking floorboards, costing thousands of dollars in repairs and decreasing property values. Residents of Oklahoma City and Lawton deserve better, so we make termite control and inspection a cornerstone of the Thunder Pest Control treatment program. 

Our Termite Control Offerings

Different properties require different needs depending on the property’s layout and the extent of the termite colony. That’s why we offer two different termite control services, which we will be more than happy to discuss with you after our free termite inspection okc.

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Sentricon® System with its Always Active™

Sentricon® is a top provider of termite pest control okc technology, most notably with its cleverly designed feeding system. The Sentricon® System is a bait system that introduces an alternative food source to the termites. This food is much more inviting than the wood in your home and designed to kill the entire colony, including the queen termite. Our technicians will install this system into your yard, placing bait stations in key areas where termites are likely to feed. This process is minimally invasive, begins working upon installation, and comes with a year-long warranty and free relocation policy.

Liquid Treatments & Trenching

This treatment introduces termiticide into a termite colony by placing it as close to the colony nest as possible. The liquid treatment and trenching process involve the following:

  • We dig a four to six-inch trench around the foundation of your home where the termites nest.
  • We then pour an undetectable liquid termiticide into this trench, which will work its way through the colony and kill off all termites, including the queen.
  • The liquid treatment comes with a year-long warranty that is both renewable and transferable.

Which treatment you decide on depends on how large the colony is, how hard it is to access, and what your preference is for termite pest control okc. After we inspect your property, we’ll give you all the necessary information to make an informed decision, ensuring that your home doesn’t encounter any more damage from these pests.

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